4 Things You Need to Expect When Selling With an Agent

Are planning on working with a local DC Metro Area agent to sell your house? Or maybe you’re thinking about it? If so, we’ve collected the top 4 things you need to expect when selling with an agent — to help you navigate this process easily!

There are many ways to sell your house and many people choose to work with an agent to help them during that process.  Here are 4 things you need to expect when selling with an agent in DC Metro Area…

4 things you need to expect when selling with an agent

#1. Money

A real estate agent is a professional who performs a service for your benefit. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, and yet many people are surprised when they learn that the agent charges a commission for their service. Some sellers may think, “I will pay an agent to bring me a buyer, but not to list a house.” What these sellers may not realize, is they are saying they are willing to pay for the buyer to hire someone to negotiate the best deal, price and terms for the buyer and not protect themselves. It is like going to court and paying for the other party’s attorney. A listing agent is there to provide maximum exposure to the right buyers, position your house as a hot listing, and protect the equity in your home that you have spent years working on building.

Now, Major Key Real Estate believes that we have not truly earned our commission unless the home has successfully made it to settlement and has closed. The benefit to you is that you don’t have to pay us until the home actually sells and you also are paid from settlement. In other words, we will take on the upfront costs (depending on the marketing package and commission you select), of marketing, ad spend, open houses, staging, professional home cleaning, professional photography and SO MUCH MORE and if it does not sell, you do not pay anything! We only get paid if you successfully sell your house!

#2. Time

Begin with the end result in mind and think about when you’d like to be in your next home, and have your current home sold. It typically takes 20-45 days to close on a property, then it could be on the market from 1 day to 1 month depending on the condition and if it shows well, has been marketed to the right buyers, and most importantly, if the house is priced to sell. To be safe, you’d like to get the property listed around 45-60 days before you want to make the move and sell your house. In addition, consider the time it may take for you to prepare the home for showings and to sell.

Major Key Real Estate is here to work off of your timeline. Pick an agent that works off of your schedule and your goals, and not one that pressures you to list the home immediately without strategizing.

Major Key Real Estate can certainly make this timing process easier! Depending on the commission structure you select, Major Key Real Estate provides de-cluttering consultations, pods and storage, handyman specials and handyman credits up to $1000 to set you up successfully to sell your house. 🙂

Call us at 571-393-1839 to learn more about this service.

#3. Showing

If you want to sell your house and it will be vacant when it hits the MLS (multiple listing service), then showings will be fairly simple, and will be auto-approved and available to be shown any time. If you want to sell your house as an occupied house once it is listed on the MLS (multiple listing service), then Major Key Real Estate will follow a showing request and approval procedure.

When we meet to strategize selling your home, Major Key Real Estate will ask you how much of an advance notice would you feel comfortable with for showing request. Sometimes its 2 hours, sometimes its 4 or even more! You decide what works for you and your family. We will also ask how you would like to be notified, text, email or phone call. Every time time there is a showing request, you would have to approve it by responding to the showing request. Otherwise agents would not be able to access the property.

Regardless if you want to sell your house vacant or occupied, you must hold an active real estate license in order to request showings and show properties on the MLS. In other words, no random people will be coming into your home, all will be potential buyers with their agents.

#4. Unknowns

Regardless of how prepared you may be to sell your house, there are many unknowns that will influence the sale of your house. These unknowns include: the number of other sellers selling similar houses, the number of buyers who want to buy, the number of banks willing to lend money for mortgages and ever changing lending requirements, the state of the economy in the city, within the state of VA, MD & DC, and in the country as a whole. Smooth problem free transactions do exist, yet it is always good to be prepared for hiccups out side of our control.


Selling your house can seem daunting, which is why many people choose to work with Major Key Real Estate. If you want to sell your house, make sure you know these 4 things you need to expect when selling with an agent in DC Metro Area.

At Major Key Real Estate, we also buy houses! If you’d like an offer from us, or if you want to meet an agent for a FREE Listing Consultation, click here now and fill out the form.

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Selling through an agent? Make sure you know these 4 things you need to expect when selling with an agent.